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Ravenclaw Founder: Rowena Ravenclaw

Head of House: Filius Flitwick
Ghost: The Grey Lady
Mascot: Eagle
Colors: Blue and Bronze (Blue and Silver were used for the movies)

Traits Listed In the Book: witty, creative, competitive, intellectual, hungry for learning, proud.

Pros: We students in Ravenclaw are characterized by our wit, learning, and wisdom; and we prize these traits. We love to learn; whether it be by studying a book, or going straight to experimentation mode; in a logical manner or just a “what happens if we do this?” mindset. Ravenclaws are very competitive. This trait keeps us yearning for more information, to better our minds in all we do.

Cons: I’ve noticed that our pros can also be our cons. We may be witty, but that can cause us to be a little hot headed. There is a point we reach in our intellectual journey where we get so much information we, at some times, become cynical. Our competitive nature can be very dangerous; to us and everyone around us. We can sometimes become backstabbers. One quote, that every time I hear it, is always relevant to Ravenclaw, “You’re a smart kid, I can’t argue that, but every once in a while a smart kid sticks his finger in an electrical socket”.

SOURCE: Hogwarts Houses Habits

They were together, even if they were far apart.